Steve Schutzman

Ten and Fifteen Minute Plays:

"Normal Is A Country", 10 min, 1m 20's, 1f 40-50's Brian's memory, language and sense of self have been damaged by a war injury. He and his mother Eva struggle over the strategies he must take to make himself whole again. Finalist in the Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten Minute Play Contest 2009. Premiered Quo Vadimus Arts, NYC. Available at One Act Play Depot   Produced Rochester Repertory, Rochester, MN, Playwrights Roundtable, Longwood, FL, Arts Center Live, Carrboro NC and Subversive Theatre, Buffalo.

"The Weight" 15 min, 1m early 20's, 1f 16. Laurie, a talented 16 year old singer, visits family friend and fellow musician, Eli, 20, planning to lose her virginity with him. Eli has the sense and goodness to understand what Laurie really needs. Produced at NYC 15 Minute Play Festival, Rapscallion Theatre Collective, NYC and 517 Playwrights, Lexington, KY. To order go to Play Copies and Productions Rights

"Driver’s Ed." 10 min, 1m 30's, 1f 17. Patricia a precocious teenager, daring yet fragile, reveals her grief over her father's death to a Driver's Ed. teacher she thinks is cool. Performed at Delaware Ten Minute Play Festival, Wilmington, DE/2002 and Heartlande Theatre Company, Birnmingham, MI. Published in "The Art of the One Act", a new anthology from Western Michigan University Press. Available at Heuer Publishing

"Trying On" 10 min, 1m 30's, 1f 30-40 A woman, isolated by her divorce, picks up a vapid businessman in a bar. After their alienating sexual encounter, she confronts her personal myths more clearly than ever before. Published in Eclectica Magazine Performed at Delaware Ten Minute Festival, Samuel French One Act Festival and Love Creek Productions, NYC/2002. To order go to Purchasing Copies and Rights

"Where Things Are   10 min, 1m 30's, 1f 50's A mother and her grown son, dressed in a party dress, celebrate his birthday, in a ritual of whacky mutual assured destruction. Performed at New Jersey Reperetory, Manhattan Theatre Source, Delaware Ten Minute Festival, Outworks at Louisiana State University, Bedlam Theatre, Minneapolis, MN and Strawberry One Act Festival, NYC. Published in Alaska Quarterly Review. Available at One Act Play Depot 

"Italy"  10 min, 1m, 1f.  A couple is in bed after making love, the man blissfully asleep, the woman tense and agitated. The woman wakes the man up and tells him to get out for reasons he has a hard time understanding. He thought things were fine. The two wind up sparring through a metaphorical, imaginary and very funny trip to Italy. Produced at Alive Theatre, Long Beach, CA. Published in Poems&Plays #16, Regional Best, 2012 and to be published in Best Ten Minute Plays, 2012 by Smith and Kraus. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. To order go to Play Copies and Production and Rights.

"Necessary Poison"   10 min, 1m, 1f.  A funny, stylized take on a 20 year marriage in three quick scenes: the meeting, falling in and out of love. Published in the Rockford Review. Premiered at the Delaware Ten Minute Play Festival/2003. To order Play Copies and Production Rights 

"The First Day of School"  10 min, 3m, 3f. A play in 9 scenes of 10 lines. Couples deal with love, hate, fear, and raising the kids in this riotous and poignant dramatic poem. Produced by Cleveland Public Theatre, Delaware Ten Minute Festival and Hunger Artists. Read it at Cafe Irreal  To order go to Play Copies and Productions Rights

"The Salesman", 15 min, 1m 30-40, 1f 30's.   An obese insurance salesman angers, bewilders and finally seduces a stranger on a train with his odd behavior and the hypnotic way he tells the amazing story of how he lost everything. Published in Poems&Plays/2002. Voted Audience Favorite at Barebones Theatre 15 Minute Festival/2001. Read it at To order go to Purchasing Copies and Rights

"nailing the books shut"   15 min, 1m 30's. 1f 30's  Joy and Robert are breaking up but unable to divide their books. When Robert starts hammering nails through the disputed books, the couple discovers something they have lost. Premiered by Love Creek Productions, NYC/2003. To order go to Play Copies and Productions Rights

"No Talking On The First Date"   10 min, 1m 20's, 1f 20's  Two ridiculously self-absorbed people erotically and riotously turn the rules of blind dating upside down. Premiered at The Sex Plays, City Theater Company, Wilmington DE, 2007 and the International Cringe Festival, NYC, 2009. To order go to Play Copies and Production Rights

"The Better Part"    10 min, 2f 20's.  At a relative’s funeral, pretty, favored Tracy, 21, and her much plainer sister, Valerie, 20, confront the origins of their tangled relationship, natures and fates. To order go to Play Copies and Production Rights

"Bad Feet"  15 min, 1m late 40's, 1m 60's.  Late at night, at a public fountain, two strangers, an eccentric, retired physician and a crusty waterman make a profound and moving connection around mysteries of love, pain and loss. To order go to Play Copies and Production Rights